The best Wirless earbuds

What are the best wireless earbuds in 2020 ?

New technologies have penetrated the lives of modern people.

Budget, premium, comfortable, uncomfortable, transmitting sound at a low and high level, external, internal, full-size, overhead – any headphones could work only through a cable for decades. It is not surprising that once it occurred to someone to rid such a sought-after device from an uncomfortable, outdated element.

Engineers had to complicate, modernize the familiar and very simple design, which added some drawbacks. Having lost a reliable intermediary between the sound source and the speakers, some bluetooth headphones began to transmit a signal poorly, work offline for a very short time in a limited reception radius.

All of the above was the reason for creating a rating of 2020 wireless headphones. Having studied it to the end, you will get an idea of ​​the best wireless devices for listening to music, playing sports and watching movies.

Now almost everyone dreams of a progressive gadget that will not let you doubt the right direction of innovation.

One such device is wireless earbuds . They connect to your phone, tablet or computer via Bluetooth and enable the owner to get rid of extra wires.

Our 2020 wireless headphone rating, which is based on the opinions and customer reviews, will help buy and choose the best models.

In the article you will find the TOP of the best inexpensive earbuds for the phone, in-ear, earplugs, premium, for sports and the best on-ear headphones .

What should I look for when buying wireless earbuds ?

Users often choose devices based on the “like appearance” principle, losing sight of their specifications. You should not be like such people, because the quality of the transmitted audio signal and the convenience of using the device depend on the technical parameters. In order not to make a mistake with the choice and purchase the most optimal option for listening to music and other purposes, the following criteria should be considered.

  • Signal transmission method. Older wireless models transmitted signals through infrared ports and radio channels. Recently, bluetooth technology has been the standard.
  • Signal transmission range. The higher the bluetooth version and the better the integrated antenna, the greater the distance over which the audio signal can be transmitted. The smartphone can be in the room, the user in the “ears” goes into the corridor or into the kitchen – the music continues to sound without interruption.
  • Soundproofing. On-ear headphones do a better job of eliminating ambient sounds.
  • Design Features. These devices are external and internal. To listen to music from a smartphone, small internal headphones are often used that are inserted into the ears. Exterior models are more suitable for home use.
  • Battery life. This characteristic refers to the time during which devices can fully work due to the built-in battery.
  • Functionality. Some models are equipped with microphones for talking on the phone, in instant messengers, games, complemented by portable amplifiers.
  • Price. The price range of modern wireless “ears” is very wide: the price can start from one thousand rubles for simple “gags” and end at thirty thousand for mega-tech devices with crystal clear, powerful, surround sound.

what are the best wireless earbuds in 2020 ?

Optoma NuForce BE Sport4

NuForce BE Sport4 Wireless earbuds are a rare find: Headphones that are good for almost every situation.

While supercharged headphones often struggle to compete with the portability of their smaller counterparts, the headphones face their own battle to ensure sufficient sound quality in a design that is part of the size.

But focusing on practical design and increasing sound ability compared to their predecessors, the NuForce BE Sport3, BE Sport4s headphones manage to break through much higher than their small weight.

A high degree of personalization is provided by the included fittings, which allow you to tailor the fit of the headphones to your ears.

There are three pairs of silicon strawberries of different sizes and a generous nine pairs of “earrings” that have a protruding portion of silicon to balance them inside the ear.

The BE Sport4 earbuds predictably glow at only 15 g, but they are substantial enough to feel strong.

The ability to plug in headphones magnetically means you never run the risk of losing them, although given the ease with which you can connect them around your neck, we almost never found them completely.

Out of the box, you also get a soft carrying case, a mini USB cable for charging, and an extra pair of TwinBlade for anyone who needs even more support, holding them tightly in their headphones.

Once we set the fit, we found comfortable and stable headphones.

Like their well-received predecessors, the BE Sport 3s, these headphones are surprisingly versatile.

Some may prefer bluetooth headphones that are completely untethered, and Optoma makes “truly wireless” options such as BE Free8, or a lower budget for BE Free5.

But for our part, we find the compromise of the short connecting cable extremely practical, as it holds our headphones together without becoming unpleasant or easily tangled.

The NuForce BE Sport 4 headphones are designed primarily for use during training – hence the name – and they absolutely provide in that regard.

Regardless of whether you use them for a soft push on a treadmill or in a fast roundabout session, we found that the headphones are surprisingly stable, but never become uncomfortable or overheating (even when the user was).

While you will compete with external noise – which can often be in a public place or in a crowded gym – there is still an effective level of noise isolation, and the sound is almost unexpectedly capable of high and low frequencies.

For example, the vocals of pop music and the pulsating synthesizer Janelle Monae’s Make Me Feel met equally clearly, with sufficient detail to select the clicking of the fingers in the first verse, even in noisy sports facilities.

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OnePlus Bullets wireless 2

The case is made of plastic and aluminum, a rubber arch passes between the headphones. On the left is a remote control with not very convenient buttons and a built-in microphone. The buttons are flat, tight, it is not very convenient to press blindly, it is difficult to adjust the volume, you have to feel the remote control. During jogging or other activities, you need to get used to it ..

It is easy to forget about the headphones on the neck, they are quite light. However, like most models of this type. I liked the weight distribution, the headphones do not slide to the side, if you move sharply and quickly: run, jump, park, overcome the rush hour in the subway.

To turn off the headphones, just attach one to the other: they are magnetized and the music pauses. I wanted to listen to music again – we disconnect the headphones, insert into our ears and fly. True, you will also need to press a button to turn on the music; automatic playback does not start. At least on the Google Pixel 3 XL and on the iPhone XS.

If you double-click on a single round button, then the headphones will connect to the last used device. If you hold it for 5 seconds, then it starts the search via Bluetooth.

By the way, if you have a OnePlus phone, then the headphones will connect to it automatically, a window appears notifying you how to do this on iPhone and AirPods or when connecting Samsung Gear IconX headphones to some Galaxy.

Headphones are charged via USB Type-C, and the port is unprotected, there is no plug, it is better to avoid moisture. It’s great that a modern connector is used, against the background of models with micro-USB this is an absolute plus.

According to the operating time, the earbuds, if they do not set records, then they certainly do not disappoint. OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2 has been working for a very long time – it has been announced 14 hours. In practice, it turns out that the numbers are real, although it all depends on the volume level.

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Jaybird Tarah

Jaybird Tarah Pro Headphones are wireless sports headphones for endurance runners, athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Thanks to the neck cable that holds the headphones together, they are not exactly “real wireless”, but will be practical for those who are worried about throwing and losing an expensive earbud in the heat of a race or workout.

It was a great year for Jaybird devices, with releases for the budget Jaybird Tarah, the more middle-class Jaybird X4, and now Tarah Pro for download. As the first in the new Jaybird Pro & Pros; An assortment of headphones aimed at offering better sound and materials – with corresponding price increases – everyone is looking to see if Jaybird can prepare their game for the big leagues.

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So do the new premium Jaybird sports headphones fit in? We tested the Jaybird Tarah Pro in the gym and on the streets to see if they could be winners.

Jaybird Tarah Pros are smart, if not particularly luxurious, Bluetooth headsets. You are here to train, after all, not to get on the podium.

While there are three color options – Black / Flash, Mineral Blue / Jade and Titanium / Glacier – they keep things pretty plain, with the exception of a slight splash of color at the ends of the drivers, which for the most part will be closed to look into your ears.

Nevertheless, Tarah Pro earphones are thought carefully over and provide balance between high-quality materials and realities of severe conditions of occupations in the open air.

Cables – this is what immediately caught my eye, and they are made of woven material similar to a climbing rope: tactile and, of course, suitable for the weather, but unlike everything that we saw on the headphones before. It is also made of reflective thread for visibility, although the colors are still too subtle to stand out noticeably at night (for this you will need something sharper or neon).

Cables and plastic have a hydrophobic structure. Moisture-repellent coating with IPX7 rating, which should protect from rain, snow, sweat and even short swimming (up to 1 m deep for 30 minutes). You will leave the fitness class or in the long run with headphones as dry as bone, even if you sweated everywhere.

The rest of the fastener sticks to the plastic so that its weight does not exceed 20 g, with the exception of the rubber tips of the wings. You get a choice of three tip sizes out of the box – with a mid-fit attached to the top – along with a proprietary three-point charger that is less afraid of water or moisture than your traditional microUSB port.

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Bose QuietControl 30

Bose QuietControl 30 is a wonderful job. As the results of measurements of the HEAD acoustics audio laboratory show, although the headphones have the worst passive damping (almost 3 dB) of all the models we tested, everything changes completely as soon as ANC is activated.

With active noise canceling, headphones can, for example, compensate for flight noise by 20 dB; thus, they are on par with Sony’s “Over-Ear” top model, called the WH-1000XM3. None of the other In-Ear headphones we tested can compete with such performance in the field of noise damping, and our impressions coincide with these laboratory measurements.

The drawback of the Bose ANC technology used here is the audible background noise, which in a quiet environment can interfere.
The performance of the noise reduction system can be changed in several stages at your discretion.

If you put the ANC in the application at the weakest level, then In-Ear-headphones will use their microphones in order to only polish the surrounding noise reaching the user. Thus, it will be possible, for example, to talk or listen to announcements in waiting rooms without problems.

QuietControl 30 sit in your ears very comfortable and stable. However, there are drawbacks due to design features that are noticeable when compared with the so-called True-Wireless models, for example Sony WF-1000X: they are made in the form of an arc with a battery and two earbuds connected by cables.

From time to time, it may happen that the cables will stretch if the arc slides a little down, and at the same time you try to turn your head. But placement in the ears can be considered convenient. The earplugs are located rather inside the auricle and do not press as deep on the ear canal as other models (for example, Sony WI-1000X). Despite this, to our taste, they sit quite reliably and exert little pressure.

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Sony WF-1000XM3

Sony continues to consistently develop its line of noise canceling headphones. Let me remind you that in the second generation a year ago there was also a TW-model, and there was also a magnificent necklace and divine closed Sony WH-1000XM2, even now it is worth buying the Sony WI-1000X.

over many years of using a wide variety of compact models with active noise reduction, I believe only in the Bose QuietControl 30. Although ears begin to nag from the nozzles in an hour or two, I want to correct, pull out, insert somehow differently, but in general the “thirties” with their task cope. But the Bose QuietControl 30 – the model is already very old, and the company is in no hurry to release its true wireless headphones with ANC. Together with the announcement of the top “seven hundred” showed the outline of the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700, promised the same effective noise reduction as in large models, well, and the time of sale – 2020.

The headphones are available in two versions: black and light beige, the boxes are also different. Do not rush to throw away the film, a guarantee paper is sealed in it.

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Cambridge Audio Melomania 1

A couple of weeks ago, Cambridge Audio entered the wireless headphone market with Melomania 1. With 45 hours of continuous use without recharging, these cordless headphones will continue to play music even longer than Air Pods. We conducted several tests to verify this. In short, yes. The Melomania 1 earphones last much longer on a single charge than the second-generation Apple Air Pods.

In continuous testing, we compared Melomania 1 with the Fiio M7 DAP and set the volume to a comfortable listening level. After several listening sessions, we found out that the headphones only last about 9 hours. A low battery warning interrupted listening after 7.5 hours, and the device turns off after 8-8.5 hours of use.

Despite the fact that the device does not meet the declared parameters, the battery life is still very impressive and deserves praise in comparison with other devices in this price category. It is fair to say that in normal use – when the user will listen during trips to work and insert them into the charger during work, and then take them during the trip back home – these headphones will work for a long time, only sometimes requiring connection to network for recharging.

The size of the charger is about the same as that of Air Pods. Headphones are first inserted into special holes, after which a click should follow when the magnets lock them in place, then the LEDs inside light up and the charging process takes place. It is reported that a 15-minute charge allows the device to work for 2 hours, which, as we found out, is slightly less than what was advertised in the tests.

An hour of charging is enough for 6 hours of use, and it takes 90 minutes to fully charge the device. The charging case itself is designed for four full recharges of the batteries of the headphones, after which you will need a USB port or a wall outlet to recharge the case itself. There are five status lights on the front of the case to check the charge level. The Melomania 1 earphones support Bluetooth 5.0 with AAC support and aptX codec for high-quality wireless listening.

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Klipsch T5 True Wireless

The first thing you’ll notice about the Klipsch T5 True Wireless is that its aluminum charging case has the shape of a Zippo lighter. This is no coincidence, as this is exactly what its designers are going to do. Turn the top of the case up and you will be greeted by headphones with magnets to prevent accidental falls. .

The case seems incredibly strong in the hand, and you just want to open and close the lid. It’s a shame that Klispch did not throw in a carrying bag to protect the magnificent matte finish, so expect it to scratch and scratch over time. In terms of features, the charging case is equipped with a USB-C quick charge function and three white LEDs that indicate the capacity of the case.

The headphones themselves are less impressive than a charging case with a large headphone housing, a long sound tube and one button on each headphone. This causes the headphones to stick deep into the ear, which is great for passive noise isolation, which is great, but may be inconvenient for some. Klipsch only includes small, medium and large tips in the box, so it’s hard to find the perfect fit. (We found our ears somewhere between the small and medium ends.)

The only thing we can say about the tips is how fragile they are: one tip broke in the earpiece, which is why we needed to get it with sharp tweezers. We hope that Klipsch will be able to change the design of the headphones without the need for a small plastic clip that can easily get stuck in the headphones.

The Klipsch T5 True Wireless has the signature Klipsch sound, which is warm, detailed and never sounds harsh. This does not mean that Klipsch is neutral – they are just closer to neutral than Sennheiser Momentum when it comes to bass.

The middle is where the Klipsch shine, letting the vocals really shine like acoustic music that favors the means, is lush and detailed. Detailing extends to highs as well, allowing the headphones to sing in uppercase, even without being sharp.

Soundstage is good, but not innovative, because the music has a good sense of width and pitch. This is not the quality of open-back headphones, but surprising for the form factor. Images are also excellent, allowing you to pinpoint the location of individual tools.

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RHA TrueConnect

If you like black AirPods, take your time to buy “custom” ones: the quality of the colored headphones is different. The funniest thing was to see these black ears of a friend. I bought charcoal AirPods on Gorbushka, it turned out to be almost a watercolor. Cool!

RHA TrueConnect has no jokes. Charcoal-black headphones, pleasant velvety plastic, like AirPods. In the characteristic protrusions there are microphones, they are in every earphone. By the way, the voice quality is at a good level: it’s a little dull, not as natural as AirPods, you can live.

It is curious that RHA chose a certain middle form: these are not AirPods and Sennheiser, but it is very good! After all, I remind you that AirPods are not inserted, but simply lie in the ear, which is not very good for passive noise isolation. Here, the body is embedded in the auricle and additionally there is a nozzle that plugs the ear canal. Traditionally, a metal plate with nozzles of three sizes is included, there is a “foam” Comply, very nice. I recommend playing with the nozzles, the sound changes.

In addition to the unusual form factor, conventional mechanical buttons on the cups are used. When you press them, the nozzles do not stick into the ear canal, there is no suffering. Click – and turn on the track, click-click – and rewind the track. It is also interesting that there is volume control right on the cup, with AirPods you need to get a smartphone for this.

The indicator lights are made perfectly, there are channel designations (L and R). In addition, the right earphone is indicated by a red dot. An important component is the case, it is made of metal and velvety plastic, the same as that of the headphones. It was possible to make the chain of indicators longer in order to more accurately understand how much more battery was left to live. But here is USB Type-C, and EVERYTHING can be forgiven for that. Headphones are located in the case accurately and deftly, there is no problem understanding where to insert it. The case opens easily, looks good – a nice thing, quite in the style of RHA.

It is stated 5 hours of work and 20 hours of charging in a case, in life, plus or minus it turns out. The USB Type-C is a huge bold plus. It can be charged from a PSU for a MacBook or for new iPads.

Good sound quality, usually in RHA indicate the name of the driver: for example, in the MA750 it is a dynamic driver 560.1. For TrueConnect, such information is not provided, just a 6-mm dynamic driver. As for me, the drivers are selected and configured with taste, good detail, there is volume, bass is present – a lot depends on the musical material. The main thing is that these headphones are not disgusting to listen to every day even after more expensive models.

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Jabra Elite Active 65t

The headphones in a relatively small case do not hold very tightly, and if you open the lid and turn the box over, you will look for tiny ears – I did just that and crawled under the car in the parking lot like a snake. Accordingly, I ask you to be careful, the Jabra Elite 65t has no legs, there is nothing to grab the headphones for, so I’m already used to installing them in my ears or in the office or at home and then going outside. The buttons on each headphone are made perfectly, they click nicely, they do not need to be pressed to the limit for reaction. By the way, value and color still play here, our editing director Evgeny dropped both headphones on the carpet in the studio and looked for them a long time later.

The headphones externally can scare an unlucky user, although, in fact, walking with them is very ok. The rounded plastic case fits into the auricle like a glove, the nozzles are ordinary, you can buy Comply nozzles if you wish and improve the sound quality. I advise you to try nozzles of different sizes before starting to use and, if at least something is wrong, feel free to cling the nozzles of different sizes to the left and right ears, I have a small one on the left, a middle one on the right. Headphones do not protrude too much from the ears, are invisible under the hat, look brutal – a sort of gray stormtrooper headset from the future.

Each headphone has an inconspicuous button, on the left it is responsible for volume, on the right it controls playback, activates the pairing mode, calls Siri or another voice assistant. The HearThrough function (when microphones amplify the sound around) is activated by double-clicking on the multifunction button, there is also rewinding – you need to press and hold the volume buttons. I say all this only to the fact that the buttons here do a lot and you should read the instructions in the application or in the box to use all the features.

It is very difficult to evaluate the sound quality now, firstly, more than one firmware will arrive by the time the Jabra Elite 65t appears in official retail. Secondly, even now you can listen to music not without pleasure, if you close your eyes to the above points. Moreover, if you just walk along the street and do not change the position of the smartphone, everything is in order with sound, no interruptions and failures. Maybe a lot of equipment is interfering in the office. Thirdly, there is an equalizer in the Jabra application and an equalizer on the iPhone, try to combine and achieve the ideal. Before buying, I would definitely recommend listening to the Jabra Elite 65t with its device and its content.

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Meizu EP52

Comfortable sports headset with a flexible silicone headband, magnetic mount and interchangeable ear pads of various shapes. The accessory is protected against dust and moisture according to the IPX5 standard and supports the aptX codec, which guarantees high-quality sound on compatible smartphones.

The kit comes with a convenient flexible case that allows you to hide the headphones when not in use.

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Huawei AM61

An alternative version of a sports headset with a reliable attachment of the earbuds and a special cable tie. There is protection against drops of rain and sweat (IP52), which means that the headphones are quite suitable for jogging and exercising in the gym.

The accessory is available in three colors and comes with interchangeable ear pads and a compact, hard case for storage.

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Sony – C400

Headphones for everyday use with a flexible neckband and a reliable wire clip. They differ from their analogues in impressive autonomy and NFC for quick pairing with devices.

Separately, we can note a convenient warning system for calls and messages using vibration shackles.

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Sony WF-SP700N

One of the few fully wireless headphones with digital noise reduction, which, if necessary, can be turned off and be aware of what is happening around you. In addition, this model has an EXTRA BASS mode with powerful low-frequency sound and AAC support.

The headphones are protected against dust and drip according to the IPX4 standard, which makes it possible to use them for sports training. For quick connection to a smartphone, the case provides NFC.

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Marshall Minor II

One of the best in-ear headphones in their price segment are from the well-known manufacturer of audio equipment with 14 mm speakers and 117 dB sensitivity. Marshall Minor II is made in the format of inserts, which explains the absence of ear pads and an unusual way of fastening with the help of a special cable that goes around the device’s half-case, it is regulated and fixed by means of a clamp. So the device is ideally placed in almost any auricles.

The Marshall Minor II can run for approximately 12 hours offline. For every two hours of operation, it takes only 20 minutes to recharge. The only tangible minus of the device is the mediocre passive noise isolation, which makes it difficult to enjoy the powerful, clear sound of music in noisy public places.

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