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Best wireless earbuds noise cancelling

Best wireless earbuds noise cancelling – I really love music, literally I can’t leave my house without headphones. At the same time, the surrounding noise annoys me damn: well, I can’t plunge headlong into the harmony of sound when people around are noisy, cars or trains are rattling, dogs barking, birds are idling, and in general, the outrage that is usual for any city is happening. I managed to find a way out – noise canceling headphones. Now I’ll tell you how to choose one, present the TOP-9 best, in my opinion, noise canceling headphones, and finally I will answer the most frequently asked questions.

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What are noise canceling headphones and what are they ?

The goal of noise canceling headphones is to keep external sounds out of the user’s ears. They do it differently:

Passive noise canceling earbuds simply and ingeniously block external noise: these, in addition to a denser fit, are no different from ordinary ones;
Active noise canceling headphones are more sophisticated devices. As everyone knows, sound is a wave, which can be suppressed by a counterpropagating wave.

It is by this principle that active noise reduction works. Headphones with active “noise canceling” are equipped with one or two microphones that pick up ambient sounds. Headphone speakers send a signal to the owner’s ears, the opposite of the fact that the microphones have caught, and the surrounding noise is ultimately reduced to zero. Or almost to zero.

Pros and Cons of Noise Canceling earbuds

Let’s start with the pros. What’s good with noise canceling headphones ?

They, as the name implies, block noise from the outside and allow you to enjoy music without being distracted by extraneous irritants.
With them, you can listen to music without twisting the volume to the maximum , which means that the ears of the owner are protected.

Cons of noise-canceling headphones also have:

They are usually more expensive than analogues without this function.
High-quality noise reduction can be dangerous: you can’t notice, say, a car driving behind, because you just can’t hear it. So be careful not to use this function when crossing the road.
Noise reduction requires additional energy, so wireless headphones with Active Noise Cancellation turned on have a faster battery drain, while wired headphones require either a USB connection or batteries.
Active noise reduction systems have come a long way since the first commercial model went on sale in 1989, but are still not perfect. Do not be surprised if the speakers hiss slightly or cope with some noise worse than others.
Approximately every 20th user with noise canceling headphones can cause symptoms reminiscent of motion sickness: dizziness, nausea and headache. This naughty inner ear, there’s nothing to be done: if after a couple of hours of listening to music you feel sick, then active noise reduction is simply not for you.

How to choose the best wireless earbuds noise cancelling

Noise canceling headphones on store shelves – sea spilled. Moreover, most of the characteristics of the device, ideal for you, is determined only by your personal taste:

Type of noise reduction. I already spoke about this above: active noise cancellation fights external sounds with the help of high technology, passive noise canceling the ears just sound and in general, strictly speaking, noise cancellation is not in the full sense.

Design. Choosing in-ear headphones, in-ear, on-ear or full-size – everyone decides for himself. In modern conditions, there is no fundamental difference in sound between them, so this is only a matter of personal comfort and aesthetics. For example, I buy plug-in earbuds, because it’s very difficult to pick on-ear headphones on my size head, and the earbuds, as for me, play too loud outside. Just measure the headphones before buying – and decide.

Type of connection. Noise canceling headphones, like devices without it, can be wireless or wired. The first ones are more expensive, more mobile and eliminate unnecessary cables. The second – cheaper, more reliable, sound better and work without batteries or rechargeable batteries.

The presence of a microphone. Everything is simple here: headphones with a microphone will work with the phone as a headset, headphones without a microphone, respectively, will not.

Sound quality. I never get tired of repeating: we are not listening to numbers, but to music. Therefore, on the performance characteristics of the headphones, I personally advise paying less attention than on my own feelings. I do not want to belittle the merits of marketers, but most of the characteristics of the headphones are precisely their merit. Moreover, two pairs of different “ears” with the same data on paper will play very differently in practice. Not to mention the fact that we all perceive sound differently, and we listen to music differently. So just listen to the device before buying and draw conclusions for yourself.

Best wireless earbuds noise cancelling

MEE audio X5

Best wireless earbuds noise cancelling MEE

Full-featured wireless stereo headset with passive noise reduction at a price of about 20 dollars. The earplugs are very compact, they are convenient to wear around your neck like a necklace: thanks to magnets, the earphones are connected to each other. On the wire there is a playback control panel, a microphone and a pair battery, the charge of which is enough for 7 hours of continuous operation.

In terms of sound quality, the apparatus of stars from the sky is not enough, but it sits in your ears tightly and soundproof very well. The headphones support Bluetooth version 4.2, so you are guaranteed reliable communication and high-quality signal without delays.

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Bose QuietComfort 20

Best wireless earbuds noise cancelling Bose

To begin with, the Bose QuietComfort 20 earphones are very securely fixed in the ear and are very comfortable to wear. They weigh about 43 grams come with a small carrying case that closes with a zipper. This makes them very attractive to travelers.

The headphone design is reminiscent of the Bose MIE2i and you don’t need to put it deep in your ear, like some other models of stereo phones in this class. On the contrary, they sit quite freely, which makes them so comfortable for prolonged use.

The design of the headphones is made in accordance with TriPort’s proprietary design to save enough space for Bose sound technology, as well as two microphones of an active system for suppressing external noise. As in all similar models, the system picks up any external noise – whether it is the rumble of train wheels or the noise of airplane turbines – and returns the same signal in antiphase. Due to this, the noise completely disappears, and you can listen to music in relative silence. The corresponding sound processor used in QuietComfort 20 headphones is patented by Bose.

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Bang&Olufsen H3

Best wireless earbuds noise cancelling BO

It’s good, light, they are, and robust too. These two points make H3 intras very pleasant to wear while giving them excellent resistance to bags, bags and falls that encounter any pair of headphones during his life. The connectors are also reinforced, at the frame and the jack mini-jack. It is regrettable, however, that the latter is not bent (higher risks of breakage when listening with a walkman / smartphone slipped into his pocket).

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Sony WF-SP700N

Best wireless earbuds noise cancelling Sony

Another completely wireless variation on the theme of Apple AirPods, this time from the Japanese giant Sony. The headset with active digital noise reduction can not only cut off the surrounding sounds, but also transmit them to the speakers so that you can talk without having to remove the headphones. Headphones themselves are quite large for their form factor, but lightweight, they hold firmly in their ears and will not fall out even during intense training. The IPX4 class of moisture protection also indicates a sporty character: they are not afraid of splashes of water and sweat. The “ears” are charged with the help of a complete case: its battery is enough for 8 hours of operation with noise reduction turned on, and for 35 hours without it. To simplify the connection via Bluetooth, the case is equipped with an NFC chip. A good model with a decent sound level, but is expensive.

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Best Active Noise Canceling Wireless Headphones

Bowers & Wilkins PX7

Best wireless earbuds noise cancelling Bower

The active noise canceling system of these headphones works in three modes: “flight” (blocks the sounds completely), “city” (reduces ambient noise, but not completely, so that you can control what is happening around) and “office” (eliminates all sounds except conversations nearby). The batteries last for 22 hours of continuous operation, and connection is possible not only via Bluetooth, but also via cable. You can control the headphones through a special application on your smartphone, and the built-in smart sensors can, for example, pause music when you hang the headphones around your neck, and then start playback again, if you put a headset on your head. Foldable design allows you to wear a headset even in a handbag. The headphones sound great, they look expensive, but they are very decent.

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Marshall Mid ANC Bluetooth

Best wireless earbuds noise cancelling Marshall

Active-noise canceling headphones. Connection is possible both via Bluetooth and cable via an 3.5 mm audio jack. According to the manufacturer, the headphones reproduce sound outside the audible range: from 10 Hz to 20 kHz. Even if this is not so, the sound they produce is simply magnificent: here Marshall remains true to himself. With two integrated microphones, Mid ANC can be used as a headset. Foldable design is convenient for transportation, the kit comes with a convenient carrying case. The impression is spoiled unless the high price.

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Best wired over-ear noise canceling headphones

Philips SHB8750NC/27

earbuds noise cancelling philips

Headphones from the Audiophile Philips Fidelio line. For their positioning, they are not so expensive – about 13,000 rubles in a company online store. Connection is possible both via cable and via Bluetooth – in this case, the battery will last for 30 hours. Headphones have been assembled honestly, made of good and high-quality materials, they look expensive, and it’s nice to pick up your hands. And they produce a beautiful sound: bright, loud, full of nuances. But NC1, unfortunately, does not cope with its main task very well. Firstly, there is no passive noise reduction here, the design of the ear cushions does not imply it at all. Secondly, the active noise reduction system does its job sluggishly and without a twinkle. The noise of a train or plane, these headphones are hardly drowned out, but they will allow you to enjoy music in full.

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earbuds noise cancelling headset

Unlike the previous model – large, ergonomic and comfortable headphones. NoiseGuard proprietary technology is responsible for noise reduction. In wireless mode with the noise canceling system turned on, the headset should work for 50 hours. If the battery still runs out, when connected via an audio cable, you can listen to music and use the PXC 480 as a headset, but noise reduction will not work. The kit includes a USB cable, an adapter for a double jack for an airplane and a cover for transportation.

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The best noise canceling headphones for gamers

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0

earbuds noise cancelling sennheiser

Appreciably prettier headphones are all from the same Senheiser in a stylish minimalist design, but also a little more expensive . Foldable design did not affect reliability: the manufacturer promises that TORX screws and steel hinges will withstand tens of thousands of folding. Large asymmetrical ear cushions are made of natural sheepskin, and moving structural elements can be adjusted to any head shape, so the headphones sit very comfortably, and they cope perfectly with the task of creating a closed sound profile and passive noise reduction. For active noise reduction, the same NoiseGuard proprietary technology is responsible, which uses as many as 4 microphones to pick up noise and cut it off. Connecting to a sound source is possible via Bluetooth 4.0 or via cable, there is NFC support and a built-in amplifier that will rock even the most powerful system. A great choice for a gamer, and for a music lover, and for a movie buff.

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  • Can I use active noise canceling headphones like earplugs ?
    In principle, it’s possible, but it’s not worth it: they are unlikely to protect you from the noise of a neighboring punch (if we are talking, of course, not about models for 20-30 thousand rubles), but they will hiss and generally annoy you in every possible way. Buy earplugs better, since they cost a penny, and use headphones for music, movies, and audio books.
  • Are active noise canceling headphones harmful ?
    Active noise canceling headphones are not harmful. On the contrary, you can make music quieter with them, because nothing prevents you from listening to it, which means that your hearing will be safe. However, keep in mind that approximately 5% of people have an individual intolerance to active noise reduction systems. In addition, in headphones that are too good at suppressing noise, it’s not long to get under the car, which is certainly not good for your health.