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Wireless headphones for Android: which ones to choose ?

Wireless headphones existed long before Apple introduced its AirPods. But, as often happens, it was Apple that was able to give an impetus to this market. As a result, fully wireless earbuds android became one of the main trends of last year and will definitely remain them in 2020. And if there are AirPods for the iPhone, then what wireless earbuds android fo android ? We will try to answer this question in our selection of wireless Bluetooth headphones.

Samsung Gear IconX

wireless earbuds android

wireless earbuds android samsung

Samsung introduced the first generation Gear IconX three months before AirPods. Then these headphones seemed an incredible product, very technological and very niche. Few believed that such a format would soon become popular. The price of $ 200 also played a role. Not everyone was ready to morally part with such an amount. As a result, the first-generation Gear IconX were left without much attention, although they were not just headphones, but also a fitness tracker, capable of counting loads and even checking the pulse. In the new version of IconX 2019, they abandoned the heart rate monitor and other unnecessary buns and were able to increase autonomy from 1.5 to 4-5 hours. The shape of the charging cradle has changed, making it more convenient. A battery is built into the case, which allows you to charge the headphones, however this is the standard for all accessories of this kind. Gear IconX 2018 still has a sports direction, the application has many tips and tricks for those involved in sports.

Headphones have a touch surface that understands gestures. You can increase the volume, skip a track, pause or turn it on. In the settings, you can select the master headphone, which will execute the commands. In addition, the headphones have a built-in 4 GB drive. Using the application, you can download music to your headphones and go for a run without a smartphone. The only thing that has not changed in the headphones compared to the previous generation is the sound quality. The sound here is not bad, at or even better than average Bluetooth headphones of this format. But if you compare IconX with AirPods, then the latter definitely sounds more interesting.

Best wireless earbuds android for Budget

anker soundbuds curve

anker wireless earbuds android

Anker SoundBuds Curve are good sport earphones, with long battery life and excellent sound. They are comfortable with a stable ear hook for exercise and exercise. They’re compact enough to fit in your pockets, and they’re well built, though the audio cable is a bit thinner than other wireless ear-canal phones. Unfortunately, they do not block so much noise, so they may not be the best headphones for noisy and noisy environments, and their sound may be a bit too much for some people.

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Bragi The Dash Pro with Alexa

bragi wireless earbuds android

Long before Apple and Samsung, the project of unusual and completely wireless Bragi headphones appeared on Kickstarter and raised an impressive 3.3 million instead of the required 260 thousand dollars. But Bragi went so far to the start of sales that they managed to skip ahead both Samsung and Apple. At the same time, the advanced version of Bragi Dash Pro costs at least $ 329, which is much more expensive than AirPods. But Bragi also has a “folk” version of the $ 149 headphone, which is called The Headphone. But these headphones are devoid of a number of chips – for example, their cover does not have a built-in battery, which is simply necessary for such an accessory. Therefore, we take into account the much more expensive version of Bragi Dash Pro for $ 329.

A distinctive feature of Dash Pro is its case, which is capable of recharging the headphones as much as five times. The headphones themselves, in turn, can work for 5 hours in the mode of listening to music. Like Samsung, there is 4 GB of internal memory and a player that allows you to listen to music without a smartphone. In Bragi Dash Pro, great emphasis is placed on the sports component. Headphones can track almost any activity, but the most interesting thing is that they can work in water. Dash Pro has IPX7 protection, allowing you to spend 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter. In addition, the headphones have a built-in noise reduction system, which allows you to focus on classes and forget about ambient noise. Dash Pro sounds much better than the original Dash headphones. But the problem with the unstable Bluetooth connection remains – it does not break, but the interference appears constantly. And the price of $ 329 will not suit everyone, even if you can swim in them. Therefore, if you do not listen to music 24 hours a day, it is better to give preference to the version of The Headphone.

Jaybird Run

wireless earbuds android

Jaybird is known mainly for its headphones and headsets, so it would be strange if the company ignored the trend of fully wireless headphones. The Jaybird Run model is not only sporty, but also has a great sound. The headphones have a two-layer hydrophobic coating that protects against getting sweat and other moisture. This is very true for people involved in sports. In general, as the name implies, Run is primarily intended for runners or just people who love running. They sit perfectly in the ear, not least due to the complete nozzles with rubber arms. Along with the Samsung Gear IconX, Jaybird Run has one of the richest kits, allowing you to precisely fit the headphones under your ear.

But the main difference from most of these products is a custom equalizer. You can manually adjust the sound for yourself or use ready-made presets, of which there are a lot in the application. In terms of sound quality and volume margin, these are some of the best headphones in this segment. Even if you are not running, Jaybird Run is a great accessory for everyday life. From one charge, they work for about 4 hours. Thanks to the complete case, the headphones can be fully charged two more times, so autonomy with the case is 12 hours. Good result.

Erato Apollo

wireless earbuds android

Very compact, bullet-like Erato Apollo 7 sounds good for its size. These headphones have an unusual connection system. First, you turn on the right earphone and connect it to the smartphone, and then the left one and it automatically pairs with the right one. Apollo 7 is so small that even the thought of high-quality sound does not arise. But what is surprising is that they may well please with adequate sound. Their main disadvantage is not the most stable Bluetooth connection and a little autonomy – up to 3 hours from a single charge and up to 9 hours when using a case.

Bose SoundSport Free

Unlike Apollo 7, Bose SoundSport Free are real giants. This allowed Bose to make a very high-quality sound. Headphones themselves are a cross between in-ear and in-ear headphones. They sit very softly in the ear, which allows them to be worn for several hours in a row with comfort. Still, ordinary in-ear headphones after a couple of hours or even earlier cause a desire to remove them and give your ears a rest. Because of this design, SoundSport Free sits in the ear rather oddly and seems to be about to fall out. But it only seems, because the landing, albeit awkward, but solid and confident. On the rubberized ends of the headphones there are rather tight control buttons and you will have to get used to them. Still, for such products, touch control is better suited, or, as is the case with AirPods, automatic.

Settings allows you to do quieter and louder, pause, switch tracks and call the smart assistant Siri or Google Assistant, depending on which smartphone you are using. SoundSport Free provides up to 5 hours of operation on a single charge and up to 15 hours with the case. A good choice for those who are accustomed to a good sound while jogging and playing sports. For everyday use, these headphones are still too massive.

Sony WF-1000X

Like Bose, the Japanese can be safely considered real pros in sound. For several years, Sony brought the Xperia Ear smart headset to all exhibitions. In fact, it was one earphone with all kinds of sensors. But in September last year, they introduced the WF-1000X – fully wireless headphones with active and adaptive noise reduction. There are three levels of noise cutoff: maximum when the headphones try to remove any noise; average, when noise reduction is not so aggressive; and mixed when you can hear both music and what is happening around you. Of course, the noise reduction level here is much simpler than in large Bose headphones and other Sony models, but it works and it is amazing. Sound quality, not least due to noise cut-off, is very, very good here.

The most important thing is to choose the right ear pads for yourself so that the earphone fits tightly in the channel. Of the minuses of this model, one can note a not very long operating time – 3 hours from one charge and another 6 hours thanks to the battery in the case, as well as the case itself, which could be smaller. Although the shape of the cover is comfortable and carry in his pocket is quite real.

Jabra Elite 65t : Best wireless earbuds android

For a long time, Jabra has been releasing popular Bluetooth headsets for talking on the phone. Moreover, Jabra sells professional solutions for call centers and offices. But we are more interested in their new product – Jabra Elite 65t, which they showed at CES 2018. The new fully wireless headphones are protected from moisture and dust and give a good sound. The sound is perfectly balanced, it is felt that the market is shifting from an indistinct “bubbling” at high frequencies to adequate sound in the middle and even low. The headphones themselves are quite massive, while they sit perfectly in the ears, and despite the absence of a special arm, they do not tend to fall out. True, we were able to evaluate only the exhibition copy. Headphones will be on sale in April, but in any case, for your money, this is a great option.

B&O Beoplay E8

wireless earbuds android B and O

Bang & Olufsen needs no introduction. Beoplay E8 is a premium model of headphones and it is felt in everything, including in the finishing materials. Case, it’s a cradle for charging, is decorated with leather and has a lace. The case is quite compact and very pleasant to the touch. The headphones themselves look minimalistic, there is a large logo on the case, which is also a touch button. Very original in the Beoplay E8 organized management. For example, to increase the volume, you need to hold and hold your finger on the right earphone, and to decrease, do the same on the left. Simple and very convenient. Another interesting feature is called Transparency or reverse noise reduction. Due to the in-channel design, the headphones have good passive noise isolation and in order to hear what is happening around you without removing the headphones, you can turn on the Transparency mode. But the most important thing in the Beoplay E8 is the sound quality. Perhaps these are the best headphones of this format in sound quality. Beoplay E8 works 4 hours on a single charge. Two more times the headphones can be charged from the case. Well, the main disadvantage of this model is the price. Not everyone is ready to pay $ 300 for small headphones.

JBL Free

labra wireless earbuds android

JBL did not become wise with many features and simply made comfortable fully wireless headphones, which they called – Free. The main plus, in addition to convenience, is their cost. $ 150 for this class of devices is the lowest price. True, for this money you get a pretty average sound and problems with the desync between the left and right earphones.

Of course, this is not all models of wireless Bluetooth headphones. There are Sol Republic Amps Air, Yevo 1, Here One by Doppler Labs, Jam Ultra True Wireless Earbuds, Kitsound Comet True Wireless and a bunch of other options. In 2018, we will see many new models that will improve both autonomy and sound quality and, possibly, will please with new chips. Our selection is designed to help you with the selection of such accessories. Now you know that you can buy not only AirPods and Gear IconX.

Sony WF-1000XM3

wireless earbuds android sony

Sharper than the AirPods Pro, these Sony have clearly more character in audio matters. They will be the choice of audiophiles, also thanks to their excellent application that allows many customizations. If the autonomy greatly exceeds that of Apple’s model (nearly 6 hours), the WF-1000XM3 are lagging behind compactness: both the headphones and their case are much more bulky.